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IRRA | Limited Edition V-silhouette tunic


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Woman’s tunic has V-silhouette with decorative stiches, back zipper and two front kangaroo pockets. It has 7/8 kimono sleeves. The tunic has a decorative seam at the hem. It has a special opening, so the blouse could be worn with or without sleeves.
This garment is for women who appreciate Asian culture and like to stand out. The dress can be perfectly combined with ELE short pants or asymmetrical DIVA skirt. These tunics are a limited edition,
made of high quality eco-leather, created with great precision and eye for detail in PENDARI atelier. The leather is wrinkled to give it a more casual look. From the outside the material is polyurethane and from the inside it is viscose.
35%VI (viscose)
55% PU (polyurethane)
5% PL (polyester)
5% OTH. Fibres

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